The Homeschooling Special Needs Expo Sampler will be available in August 2024

These 15 sessions from the in-person Homeschooling Special Needs Expo in June 2024 are part of over 50 sessions at the Expo.

Sampler Sessions:

  • Homeschooling Kids with ADHD
  • Help! My Kid with Autism Only Wants to (Insert Favorite Activity) and Not Their Schoolwork
  • Multisensory Math for Kids Who Struggle
  • Teaching Reading to Kids with Dyslexia
  • How to Pick Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for your Autistic Child
  • Natural Solutions for the Neurodivergent Brain: The Science Behind How to Calm the Brain
  • Planning for Two Lifetimes
  • Help! My Kid Won’t Sit!
  • Practical Self-Regulation Strategies: Boosting Attention, Listening, and Learning
  • IEP to Homeschool Success: Yes You Can Homeschool Your Special Needs Child
  • Supporting Dyslexic Children in the Homeschool Environment
  • Equipping Minds for Children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other Neurodivergent Disorders
  • Planning and Organizing Your Homeschool the Neurodivergent Way
  • The One Thing You Don’t Think You Need--But Really Do
  • Dr. Temple Grandin's Capstone Keynote

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