Homesteading in your Homeschool

As food security gets questionable, with rising food prices and supply chain issues, more families are turning to adding gardening and keeping small farm animals to their homeschools. "Homesteading" has been going on for centuries--and today's families hear the siren call of a simpler time that homesteading and homeschooling, combined, can give them. In this online summit, you will hear from homesteaders and homeschoolers alike who have real-world experience in both--and can give you a glimpse into their worlds with knowledge, experience, and tips for successful homesteading and homeschooling.


How to Practice Emergency Food Storage with Your Children

Companion Planting in Your Garden – Plants or People, We All Have Strengths We Can Share with Others

Garden All Year with a Cold Frame

Ownership and Self-Sufficiency

Homestead Character

The Science of Homesteading

How to Use Home Medicine-Making to Teach History, Math, and Science Concepts

Helping Children Gain Skills in Entrepreneurship through Homesteading

Toss the Curriculum and Homestead Your Way Through Your Homeschooling Journey

Using Food Preservation as Homeschooling

Chickens and Ducks: Lessons in Small Animal Farming

The Importance of Chores in Homesteading and Homeschooling

Yes, You CAN Homestead on a ¼ Acre!

My 5 Biggest Mistakes as a New Homesteader

The Biggest Perks of Living on a Hobby Farm (as told by our now-grown children)

Lessons from the Coop: Leadership and Roosters

More sessions to be added! 


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In addition to the incredible information each speaker will deliver, participants receive lifetime access to all the sessions, and a digital swag bag of coupons, ebooks, and other goodies.

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